the evil hat (evilhat) wrote in ljcharm,
the evil hat

Charm 1.9.0

I've released Charm 1.9.0. You can download it from SourceForge, like usual.

In addition to a number of bugfixes and the inclusion of the GPLv2 license directly (per request for something Debian-packageable), crossposting ability for all supported APIs, and support for blog keyword tags (the mt_keyword field supported by Movable Type and Wordpress), the new version has three significant features.

First, you can now run your post through an arbitrary number of filters, so you can use Markdown, Textile, and so on.

Second, you can now have arbitrary post templates. Specify a template on the command line or in your .charmrc file, or load it manually before posting, and your post's meta-info (subject, picture, mood, community, etc., whatever you want) and post body will be pre-populated accordingly. Templates look exactly like archive files, so you can easily turn an archived post into a template. You can always override the contents of a template with command-line options or via the regular posting menu.

Third, if you're using MetaWeb API blog software like Wordpress, you can now automatically add a social bookmark to your posts. Currently, the supported service is AddThis, but I'm willing to add support for other services and general configurability as they're suggested.

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