FippleBuss (fipplebuss) wrote in ljcharm,

Feature request: Non-interactive editing of existing posts.

I like using charm's non-interactive mode for quick posts, and with the judicious use of shell aliases, it's pretty simple to have customized parameters while retaining a simplified command line.

One feature I'd like to see is a way to non-interactively edit an existing post. Even the basic minimum — retrieving the most recent post — would be useful. Just to clarify the functionality I'm looking for, here's what I want to do. I have a journal that I use to keep track of certain health stats — number of fluid ounces daily intake. So it would be nice to be able to append to an existing post, so that I can have one post per day, with the entire daily log.

Although I have a specific purpose in mind, I can see many ways where a generalized method of editing an existing post non-interactively could be very useful.
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Thanks. I'll think about how to approach this.